How Hitler Controlled People Using Hypnosis Techniques

There is a rising interest in hypnosis and trance, both for therapeutic and entertainment purposes. There are other audiences as well, and new methods are being researched frequently. There is legitimate use of hypnosis, but it can be abused. Here’s some insight into a truly despicable use of hypnotic deception.

Who is the greatest hypnotist of all time?

“Without in any way straining language we can truthfully say that he (Hitler) was one of the great hypnotists of all time,” says George H. Estabrooks in Hypnotism.

Below, you will learn how Hitler used covert hypnosis and mind control techniques to hypnotize and control the whole nation.

1908: Hitler Discoveres The Power of Mass Hypnosis

So, how Hitler discovered the mass hypnosis and mind control secrets.

Well, the main source that made Hitler believe in the power of mass hypnosis is the book “Psychologie des Foules” (Psychology of the Masses) written by French social psychologist Gustave Le Bon. The book was translated into German in 1908 under the title “Psychologie der Massen”, so Hitler had a chance to read it, too.

Le Bon’s book clearly describes the psychology of crowd and how to control them using mass hypnosis. Lets discuss what covert mass hypnosis techniques Hitler used.

Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control Techniques Used by Hitler

Le Bon’s book describes his theories on crowds and their behaviour. He had identified that group behaviour could be manipulated by hypnotic suggestions and that only few individuals in a crowd possess a sufficiently strong personality to resist such suggestions.

Hitler used all the characteristics of covert mass hypnosis. The main way to control people and command them were films as they reached millions of readers.

Especially, in 1930s and 1940s there were not nearly any media companies to produce different ideas than Hitler.

You only need to see a newsreel of Hitler presenting to a rally to recognise that he is using mass suggestion. It is notable how the delivery is made in a positive and confident manner. Notable too is his use of repetition.

Hitler’s Use of Repetition Hypnosis: “Jew, Jew, Jew”

“The influence of repetition on crowds is comprehensible when the power is seen which it exercises on the most enlightened minds. This power is due to the fact that the repeated statement is embedded in the long run in those profound regions of our unconscious selves in which the motives of our actions are forged.” So said Gustave Le Bon in The Crowd, his seminal study of political hypnosis, published in 1897.

Hitler describes in his writings: “What you say to the people collectively in that receptive state of fanatical abandonment remains in their mind like an order given to someone under hypnosis, which can not be wiped out and resists all logical argument“.

He uses the very same words again and again in his speeches. Consider why he repeatedly says “Jew, Jew, Jew”. Hitler had learnt that repeating a word three times had an identifiable effect on the crowd. Include and repeat, “blame, blame, blame” and you have mass hypnosis being used for evil purposes.

One answer is provided by Hitler in Mein Kampf: “In the size of the lie there is always contained a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people. . . will more easily fall victim to a great lie than to a small one.” Thus was born the concept of the “Big Lie,” Hitler’s another crowd manipulation tool.

Hypnosis Techniques Used by Hitler

Hitler used different hypnosis and persuasion techniques. He successfully used the techniques such as pacing and leading, anchoring, verbal confusion, repetition and so on. Unemployment and food shortages in those times helped him to manipulate people easily. He could successfully by pass the critical factor in minds of people and turn off the rational thinking.

Work by other psychologists such as Moscovici shows how crowds initially watch and listen to a speaker. By using certain words and behaviour a speaker can very quickly establish a rapport with an audience. Repeated exposure to the same speaker can result in them being viewed with admiration bordering on worship. Every word uttered is accepted as the complete truth.

Unfortunately, deceptive mass hypnosis techniques are still being used by presidents and politicans.

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