Because I Said So

Zenith means “the highest point in the heavens”. This is to say that at any point a person is, directly above them at the top of infinity is zenith.

Zenith is the title of a 2010 movie. I watched it once, and  I would say that it is about as factual as The Matrix.It was pretty good, though. Instead of an age-old conspiracy thriller, they made something truly unique. It was released on BitTorrent, and it had an additional series of internet videos that helped continue the plot.

Apex is the topmost point of a given object. It is the tip of the iceberg, both figuratively and literally. To put both “zenith” and “apex” into a single idea is an intriguing and possibly humbling concept. I don’t mean anything by the title other than it sounds interesting.


Free Form 11/14/14

There is something to be said about being at home with nothing to do. I have resorted to a free form blog as my activity. I have decided there is more to life than silence. I like to post links here, and there have also been short stories and poetry. I am going through some interesting and trying times right now.

I don’t need to go into detail, but it has been a drain on me while simultaneously enlightening me. I can only hope to be a better person because of this. I have a lot that I have been holding in. Some of this is a product of upbringing, merely a footnote in most conversations, or completely disregarded and also abuse from various sources.

So what do I intend to write? I don’t know. I have some ideas for fiction, but I wonder if anyone will even read it or appreciate it. I have also been making new music and submitting to opportunities for exposure. This could be a promising endeavor. So far, nothing has been accepted for any additional publicity.

What I have released is available for free and if people like it, great, if not, it’s no big deal. I do hope it is shared worldwide, as is anything I have made. One of the more interesting things about music for me is that my ideas never have conformed to anything. While the first response to that is usually greeted with a positive remark, I have experienced something else entirely.

I don’t know how much I could do with a band, but I’ve also not met enough people who liked anything I’ve done. I’ve been on my own, trying to do my own thing. It never quite sounds like anything. Some music styles I tinkered with a decade ago are sometimes used in the mainstream now. I can never prove this, of course, but a lot of new music either makes me nostalgic or completely disappointed.

I didn’t know where this would go, but I suppose free form writing could be interesting. I hope someone reads this, otherwise, it’ll just be me. That’s OK. It has filled some time. I guess this could be a series, so stay tuned.

I’d also welcome suggested topics, so send them in.