Marvel Is Officially Killing Off Wolverine?!

OK, I could take or leave Marvel Comics, and that’s only because I just never cared about most of the characters. No joke, I wore a Batman shirt to see The Avengers. Rebellion takes many forms.

This news, however, is as intriguing as it is horrific. I can remember to a similar scenario a few years ago when Captain America was killed off in the comics only to be rebooted. Special thanks to Wikipedia for comic book summaries.

Wolverine is arguably as recognizable as Batman or Superman. It was a pretty big deal when Superman was killed off. To prove my point, how many full length novelizations based on comics (non graphic novel) can you name from the 1990’s? Google The Death and Life of Superman.

My thoughts? Yet another move on the Marvel/DC chess board. We shall see how this plays out.