Interior Decorating for Dummies (no offense)

Tonight I ate a wonderful meal at Zaxby’s. There’s nothing quite like a Nibbler meal. On a Friday night, I expected it to be busy, and it was. I sat with my friends eating, and I (and probably everyone else in the restaurant) couldn’t help but notice the decor, which was I guess carefully arranged by someone who was at the direction of the company.

I can imagine their assignment: “Make sure the customers see all the pointless clutter, and make them hungry at the same time.”

While I respect interior decorating as a profession, some of the things posted on the wall were signs that made no sense at all. For example, an obedience school sign, Moon Pie ads (no Moon Pies were on the menu to my knowledge), and a Moose Breath Road sign.

Moose breath? Somehow that’s unappetizing.

If you saw my previous post, it shows that the sign next to the Coca Cola fountain. I get that they want to advertise their products, but some really were out of place. Their “Insane” sauce (the hottest they have, hotter than “Nuclear” ironically) was advertised in several places, but one truly misplaced selection was an “Insane Lane” road sign placed by the restroom.

It’s insane to go to the bathroom?

If their objective is to get people talking about them, they’ve succeeded, because you’re reading this. I assume this is a cheap style of marketing, and for some companies, ads at the location may be the only ads they ever have. Not Zaxby’s though. They’ve also made TV commercials. I find their commercials annoying, but I digress.

So what is behind all the irrelevant stuff hung on the walls? This seems to be a theme throughout many restaurants, at least in casual dining. Cracker Barrel seems to have an idea what they’re doing, since their decor is relevant to the “Old Country Store” theme. Usually, however, this method can be overkill.

I don’t really have any suggestions for improvement, though. My sole purpose for going out to eat is just that–eating. If the food’s good, I go. Zaxby’s is no different. But if anything keeps me out of there (besides their high prices), it would be their over-decorated walls. It only makes a cramped dining area (another gripe against them) seem smaller, and to an extent, messier.

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