Phone-y Balogna

I just saw a commercial where someone uses the already worn out “rice drying” method on a wet cell phone. Excuse me, I meant smart phone. I’ve actually done that myself and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work. Of course, that was a Blackberry Storm, which at the time was a pretty nice phone.

The “rice drying” method may have worked on older phones, but I haven’t heard anything about it. Whoever said that it worked must’ve been lucky when they tried it. What’s really weird is that as innovative and complex as phones are getting, no one has done the obvious. Just make a waterproof phone. Don’t even make it a “special” or “exclusive” feature. Just make it. Please.

Why? First of all, it’s a great idea, and your customers will still need to upgrade regularly. You want people to appreciate your products. That should be reason enough.

Consider for a moment, how much it costs to have a land line? Not much these days. Prices go down because the product becomes cheaper. The same thing will happen with mobile devices. If you don’t believe that, compare recent tablet prices.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but there is a lot that can be said about communications in general. Its complexity creates both unity and division. What will we do with it? I prefer a more optimistic outlook, but I don’t deny it can be used in a negative way. It doesn’t take too long to find abusive or hateful content. That’s one reason why I like my work to be from an articulate and hopefully intelligent standpoint.



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In the darkest corner

Of the darkest night

Some one yells,

“Hey, boy’s! Let’s have a fight!”

A dog then whispers,

“Hey, not a bad idea,

Perhaps we evade the devil’s sight.”

“No,” says the chipmunk

“I cannot go with you;

Two days’ more and I cannot shake you,

How hard I might.”

Another voice comes from the oak,

“Please give us a chance,

We are mere birds with highest flight,

And all below is in our sight.”

Nothing said in silent tones,

Like a midnight dream on megaphones.

“Where’d you go?”

The old man asked.

“I guess it’s true; it’s the facts.”

He laid deeply down

In his burial site.

On that corner of that evening,

Darkest corner of the night.


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Independence Day sequels?

‘Independence Day’ sequel pushed to 2016

(Original movie spoilers follow)

That’s right, the epic blockbuster that was Independence Day, is set to have sequels. I like the idea, because I was asking, “What’s next? What’s inside the fallen spaceships? Do we copy their technology? Does anyone else find it odd that the World Trade Center at least partially survived the alien strike at New York?”

Theories could be proposed, but I’ll ask the Alex Jones fanatics to sit this one out for now.

The man who saves the day is Russell Casse (Randy Quaid), the guy who says the aliens previously abducted him for experimentation. He was convinced it was true, and we’re all sad when the comic relief blows up.

The “abduction” is described to a reporter by a third party, and it is greatly implied that the idea is crazy. OK, I get it. No one would believe that story. However, Casse was willing to make his children orphans for the sake of stopping the aliens. So can we assume he was telling the truth?

What’s really weird is that not only was the script soaking wet with Area 51 lore, but we literally allowed Hollywood to use the alien probe theory.


Speaking of the sequels, though, in the aftermath of the invasion, all the secrets would be out! We’re not alone in the universe, our government knew about aliens, and other bad Google results.

Would there be revolution afoot? Or do we open Starfleet? OK, that second thing would be a stretch.

Sons and Stars

Sons of Anarchy Spinoff in the Works at FX?

Sons of Anarchy is a great show. I’m very excited at the prospect of a prequel series. However, I can’t help but wonder

Breaking Bad was and is one of the greatest shows ever. Their prequel series in the works now, so this is not the first time it has been attempted. Two words: Star Wars (which has a new trilogy in the works, in fact). I wonder if Kurt Sutter or FX has toyed  for awhile before Vince Gilligan’s announcement? We may never know the workings of the inner belly that is the entertainment industry.

Speaking of Star Wars, the prequels were both masterful and pitiful. I’ll leave that open to interpretation, but a think about the “most recent” ending to Return of the Jedi. Yes, it’s understandable to want to improve something, but the trilogy was already considered a masterpiece. Majority rules, right? Well enough to get Disney on board for new episodes, anyway. I’ll give the new movies a fair chance, just like I will give Ben Affleck a fair chance when he plays Batman. Seriously, people. We might be surprised.

Well, George Lucus bombed with me on Jedi. I could forgive everything, even Jar Jar’s copies cheering for freedom. That’s inspiring to some extent. But Hayden Christensen as Anakin’s ghost? Please. Made me sick. Jake Lloyd would’ve at least been understandable and kind of reassuring. Oh, well. I guess I can look forward to the ghosts at the end of Episode IX.

Oh, by the way, Han shot first. Deal with it.